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Savage Garden – Aubergine Girl

Savage Garden
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исполнитель Savage Garden

длительность 03:20

размер 7.65 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Aubergine Girl
Chorus Aubergine girl, I'll give you all, I'll give you up, Might never give in Aubergine girl, I'll be alone I'll be your beau But I'll believe you, I'll believe I've got your picture on the bedroom wall Your silky monents are on my mind, Yeah And I just can't believe A girl with your discretion Would be so blind She can't see what's in front of her eyes Girl, you don't notice (I think you do) Things moving way too slow, I just dream of places we could go Chorus I've see the other girlies in the magazines, Yeah But that kinds of beauty is not my style, No The way you're looking at me, I guess I can't believe it You know, I'm usually shy But I'm willing to try Girl, I think i want you (Baby) I don't want to take you home, I just want someone to call my own Cos you're my.... Chorus I want you baby, you know I really need you baby Well I love ya and i want ya baby I really need you baby Daniel: it's a pretty fine line between a boy and a girl but believe my Aubergine you rule my world... Chorus to fade
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