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Pompeya – Slow

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исполнитель Pompeya

правообладатель POMPEYA

жанр Инди рок

длительность 05:28

размер 12.53 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено SO/ERA MUSIC

You've knocked me down To bring here one night, one night only Singing this slow To bring you one sign on sign, call me This is all so new I haven't looked back, looked back You are my excuse I haven't lost track lost track Just give me one time To think it over Just give me one day Till we lose it Just read me i need To get closer Snd give me one time 'till you go away Another day, another day, another day Come rise again Don't cast away, don't drive me insane See the light in my heart And soak it up You the only one to know Another day, another way Come rise again Please dance this waltz And walk your walk Undo my heart and take me in Please wrap me in satin, satin You've knocked me down To bring here one night one night only Only Heaven leaves town I looked up surprised In the sky Please don't lock your soul From the goodness Please give me one call So i can use this Don't make me hide From my weakness I find that your love is too hard to hold Another day, another way, another day Come rise again Don't drift away, don't come here to play Try to move my heart, I won't hide away You will be pleased to know I'm not scared of your ways Make a move on privacy Make me understand Ee're more than good friends Come and soothe my heart Find the child in me Let's have a good time
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