February - Intro

February - Intro
Исполнитель: February
Жанр Рок
Длительность 01:08
Битрейт 320 kbps
Правообладатель February
320 kbps
В приложение
Look at me the way i was born
When half belong to extinction
The other half are showing everything
Look at my palms and see how much like Sky they are
Divine twister on my body, tethering me to the whole earth and between air
And breathing this way is something i had to learn myself
Taking axe to bone because I needed light inside of me
Calling the moon my mother even on the night she did not show up
Look at my body and do not call me beautiful
Call me survivor
Call me resurrected
These bones underneath the earth was not a burial
Listen to the sky shed its skin
Listen for the vain of seeing the blue moon again
Like our guardian
I am the glamouring inside of an
Tell the night I am made of sky
And tell the sky i am made of something magnificent
And then tell the magnificent i did not take my breath away
I did not forget to breath

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