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Chucky Slick – Living The Dream

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исполнитель Chucky Slick

длительность 04:15

размер 9.73 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Living The Dream
Ha, its straight outta the This song is for all you out there living the dream Whether your 1st line or 4th line, committed or not committed Junior A or junior B , Yo, I lived out all my life until I started playing junior , My roommate is a beauty, please excuse my hockey humor If your quitting on your goals and dreams your probably a loser I am deadly ass sewer, and im here for the memories rarely getting penalties Shout out to the fourth line for producing all the energy , The rookies in the league got me showin' em up , And I'mma live the dream till the day I'm done though , man the damn clans enormous And I'm always going ham like a damn tyrannosaurus , I got the nips but ill probably never get a scholarship Yeah we get the hottest chicks no wonder we the cockiest I'm gonna live it up like my name is Matt Robinson 30 beds on the bus if I wanna take a nap this is the junior hockey rap Playin' call of duty with a roomy All of you are fucking beauties Slutty grubbies, with big boobies, and big booties Wanna do me Not a newbie HUH, I'm a NA veteran I put my work in I deserve a damn Letterman , pack a lip then go to bed again And make the most of every day Pay the price on the ice Live the dream while you can Cause you cannot do it twice Daaaamn, my body always hurtin' The hotties always lurkin', everybody always , And this life is so uncertain You can get traded anytime if you ain't workin' And I love getting saucey, sweep the weekend Now you know we getting sloppy Facebook tags from the damn paparazzi Default pictures I be lookin' so flossy Get off me bitch we be livin' the life Sleepin' all damn day, stayin' up all night Gosh damn I love juniors I'mma make it my wife But you can't do it twice so you better do it right Yaaaaa, this life is so phenomenal Signing autographs, and school is just optional Any thing is possible, for now I'm just a bum Playing hockey everyday, cause its all I've ever loved
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