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Zack Hemsey – I'll Find A Way

Zack Hemsey
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исполнитель Zack Hemsey

длительность 07:49

размер 17.89 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

I'll Find A Way
Verse 1: I heard they found a way to no set place That they’re way ahead and winning but there’s no real race And they’re feeding on the thrill of a chase When they’ll never find a way to keep the pace I heard they found a way to build our dreams Can they engineer a world in which we hear no screams And I heard that they can make vaccines But our sick routine isn’t keen to relieve I heard they found a way to see through walls Do they have the sight to see my scars And can they find a way to view who we are Or does such vision just exist in the far I’m told they have the means to travel to the stars But can’t journey to the start of the savage in our hearts So if I’m ravaged and afraid Damaged and apart, tired of charades How can I clear the smoke that billows Wade through to cope and chisel out a life that’s worthy and of praise Chorus: My whole life’s passing me by As I sit and wonder why I’ll find a way Verse 2: They say tomorrow brings a brighter day But do they know about the sorrow that’s beyond the fray Do they see all of the madness that man obeys And can they understand that sadness won’t go away But it’s okay cuz the truth is I’m feeling whole Feeling like the emptiness inside has found a home And I’m hopeful that my destiny is one of heights One in which the apathy in me no longer strikes And I wonder how this ending has come to pass When just yesterday was carefree and full of laughs But if there’s certainty in anything it’s what we have Is but impermanent cuz no thing will always last Yet still I can’t help but question fate Can’t shake the feeling that I hold the key to great escape And I feel in me a yearning that still endures A spirit wandering and eager now to find a cure Believe me this is pure essence Pure intention It goes beyond mere conversation and confession It’s much too vague to formulate into expression But perhaps there’s something greater that we’ve all been set in And this is not to say I know the way This is not to say attachment’s been put away This is not to say my love for you’s been held at bay And I don’t possess or know a simple route to change But it is to say I hold you close And it is to say the love in me is more than most And it is to say your absence has left it’s mark But I tell myself this plays within a bigger part And I’ll find a way Verse 3: I’m not without a spirit that can hold up to the torture Not without a will to stop the cycle that marauders Not without a mind to free the hate within my border And to cleanse the vessel into which my consciousness is ordered I’m not afraid of monsters that intimidate and taunt ya Not afraid to challenge all the violence and slaughter I’ll find a way to offer the elixir of disorder So many trails have crossed the rivers forged from all our tears So many paths have left us all alone during these years So many that we’ve lost but I can feel their presence near I can see a road ahead that leads beyond the known frontier So lift yourself up slowly and rest your eyes upon me And let the sad and lonely float away and disappear And leave the guilt and shame and all the anger and the fear Let's trade it for the will to find a way to persevere Chorus Verse 4: How long can I surrender for How deep can my descending bore How long can I neglect me for How long is this confinement for How long can I arrest me for How long can I detain me for How long before I stray off course How long before all hope is lost How long can one survive among the horror Live among the demons that all seethe in darkened corners Cling to all the grief released in tidal waves upon ya Proclaim it isn’t fair, content to bear forever mourner This moment is in order Now let the waters pass Let the smoldered ash remain beside the olden past Leave it on behalf of those who crave to hear you laugh And walk among the living as you find a way to last I’ll find a way
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