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Chevy Woods – U.S.A. (Prod. By Young Jerz) (DatPiff Exclusive)

Chevy Woods
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исполнитель Chevy Woods

длительность 00:30

размер 9.79 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

U.S.A. (Prod. By Young Jerz) (DatPiff Exclusive)
Counting money burning dope Shout out my uncle Juice Uh uh should we do it like the shit That all niggas we’re doing man Uh its real rap Uh fly nigga with a 9 hundred dollar scarf on for no fucking reason Uh, fuck you yeah Speed into that money V tweezy no roof own it See me in that red Kool-Aid, the coupe homie Switching up my style you know niggas for years, long change South of France, she don’t speak my talk Some ghetto niggas with some 40’s out You niggas semi wanna do it, we got auti's out Taylor Gang yeah you know my niggas party hard Got your bitches titties out, and this ain't Marty Gras The old heads from the hood say that’s a cool guy I guess they see my jewels when I ride by Champagne sipping with your bitch she know what’s up So tell 'em niggas we don’t give a fuck Now we getting all this money so it’s kind of hard not to notice us That paper straight so it ain't folding up Yeah uh 42nd floor, view from the roof 20 dollars, Uncle Skin will wipe the shoes on the coupe I got base in my trunk and I ain’t talking kickers Just came from the connect I’m a young wild nigga A couple niggas from my hood say you don’t need to throw You ever seen a key? My jewelry water, get a boat A couple niggas out here acting, they already know If I wanna relax baby I can make it snow Anywhere that you wanna blow It’s my city I can take you where you wanna go In due time niggas will understand Some difference between us and them I don’t think it needs an explanation of ’cause in due time these niggas will understand TGOD TGOD TGOD TGOD
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