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Lowkey – Too Much

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исполнитель Lowkey

длительность 04:49

размер 11.03 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Too Much
If you down with the rich man, and that can be rich in anything Don’t you take too much If you laugh at a poor man, and that can be poor in anything Don’t you laugh too much If you trying to be rich man, and that can be rich in anything Don’t you take too much And if you need to be needed, and you’re looking for purpose Just remember, don’t you need too much… If you take something you, don’t need, and keep it Then you’ve stolen from somebody else who’s hungry Everything that you do, is everything you are Everything that I am, is everything you’ll ever need Money can buy power, but it can’t buy respect Money can’t buy sleep, but it can buy a bed Money can’t buy you love, but it can buy sex Do you posses money or by money are you possessed? Money can buy a house, but it can’t buy a home So even with money you still feel all alone Money can buy you friends, but it can’t buy family Money can’t make you happy, that’s just a fallacy It can buy a bath, but it can’t buy purity It can buy bodyguards, but it can’t buy security While people around the world starve, I eat Cause money can buy war, but it can’t buy peace Some do everything and anything to get the p’s The society we living in, it’s a necessity It’s got the power to turn your best friends to enemies It’s funny cause money doesn’t follow us when we leave Does happiness live in a mansion with a swimming pool? I know people with plenty of money that are miserable We all need to earn in this world we live Most work for it, some steal, but many worship it Some sell poison for it, some seek employment for it We need it to survive, so some clean the toilets for it I need papes to live but never will I live for papes Abolish the Queen, I don’t wanna see that witch’s face Many sell their soul for it, no not me Some will try to tell you that it doesn’t grow on trees I heard the saying said, many a time, but they were wrong Cause if it doesn’t tell me then where do you get the paper from? Most think they will be happy if they only had more of it Some waste it, some feel more important because they’re born with it Some have got the nerve to say you’re fraudulent for forging it The truth is you don’t need a fortune to be fortunate
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