Vorvaň - Niebo

Vorvaň - Niebo
Исполнитель: Vorvaň
Жанр Метал
Длительность 04:34
Битрейт 320 kbps
320 kbps
В приложение
Under the weight of plight
Since darkness has come over
When I have lost my light
Dropped down into the smoulder

So great to hide away and reminisce on who we are
Turn our skies from grey and feel the shine

Under the weight of time
Too afraid of getting sober
I shared your breath of life
And got awakened stronger
One more gaze into your eyes
And I'm drowning in the night

I trust, I breathe, I feel the warmth inside
That night, that dream
You brought me back to life

If we could only stay and reminisce on who we are
Set our hearts ablaze and stop the time

I will never forget that affliction in your eyes
That weakness I felt
And your tears
Inside The Sky

Being away
In joy or in pain
Forgiven or lost
I'll know I'm raised from the knees

As a part of my soul was left somewhere
In the clouds over Wroclaw
I will never forget what brought us there

Side by side, getting closer, cuddle up
And whisper along with the start of The Eve
Close your eyes, try to hold on to the last
And open your heart when it's over because
We grow, we move, we love

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