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Jack Bruce – The Boy

Jack Bruce
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исполнитель Jack Bruce

правообладатель Universal Music Group UMC (Universal Music Catalogue)

длительность 04:14

размер 9.68 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

The Boy
You play the changes, watch the stars Look for new gods and number the years Since you lost your nerve and let the lady into your head You fly the snowflakes down and down And join the circus - you're the clown Ut when you're in the ring your friends have run away and left you for dead When the boy was born and laughing at the world Then was day, then was play, then was love When the sun was young and flying over the sky Then was day, then was play, then was love You went to the people played their desp'rate games You turned your mind all around their rhymes But your reason had gone, you're yearning for your lady They climbed the ladder, they've joined the queue Friends and strangers ignoring you And now your time and tide is up The years are rolling away The boy is old and longing for the night On his own, cold as stone, he goes down
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