Slingshot feat. Lily, М®е•© of Bad Balance, Jeeep of КТЛ-DLL, Topor of Da Boogie Crew & Sir-J of D.O.B. Community - Livin' In Style ('96 bonus track)

Жанр Рэп
Длительность 05:59
Битрейт 320 kbps
Правообладатель ООО «Инвизибл Промо»
Livin' In Style ('96 bonus track)
320 kbps
В приложение
Let me say wassup before I step to the mircrophone
Check, one-two, you never heard on me before
So here I am, get vision this track with female funk punk
I gotta represent my lil' brother, so check this out
They never relaxed on a hot track
'Cause every muthafucka like them, he is not a regret
So many talks, so many hits about Russia
But my crew is gonna bust all the stereotypes
Ha-ha-ha, now here we are us in the studio
Gotta let you know our life is full of criminal
Even if you live here in Moscow, better look out
'Cuz we have the same Bloods and Crips all around
So listen to my hommies one by one is in da house
That Ladjak, Mihey, Legalize, my man Sir-J
Plus we have Jeeep, Topor, the whole DOB
Gotta say peace out, yo, my name is Lily
Don’t smoke phillie blunts, pass me dat
When I ever drink to the dregs, I’m so talkative
Money, drugs and the guns is all around us
So many mutha fools tryna beat depend game
But fuck that, you bite that
You wanna live in style, mister daydream, ayo, you gotta buss that
Just like a buss suckas that have no brain
Holding shame, you deserved that
I’m too tired of making money, stuck in deadlock
Biting them G-Phonk mane, you around
You step in the stage with the stolen phonogram, stolen image
Voice by my crew say: «Fuck that»
You talk about your criminal life, but what’s the criminal?
Never shoot a gun in your life, but always talk of that
Who gives a shit about tells
You know I’m just sick to the death of your
Gotta to speak me, hey
It going take place with Russian slang, bang
It’s my distinguishing feature, my new dumb bite
That’s your poppy lovers style is out
, Onyx,
Lega, Lega
Yeah, how I know gang banger
What a hell goes on? turn around
make me crazy
or drunk, or something
rednecks, don’t respect and don’t criminals
Don’t represent
«Slam», LSD
Watch me get down on this funky ass track
Watch you move back, I’m goin'
Like from Da Boogie Crew
Clap your hands and move your feet
Don’t stop, wake 'em up, I
Just to get nuff respect from the Moscow b-boys
So, J is in da house
muthafucka on the track
You go to ghetto, we go to
The the shit happens, yeah
Bloods and Crips, I believe this thing is scary as hell
You know all of what it was, but you don’t know the shit we go thru here is
crazy, and its true
And it you dummy
You possessed by we possessed by
I’m from a lower portal block, but I don’t pick a Glock
I don’t represent no gang bang, you I’m living
But I only feel safe in my hood
I know they won’t shoot me
One, two, three, I’m a g
As an a guy would decent
Who is in a fist fight
Days are
I wonder why people guns now
Pow — you dead now
The war is on, revenge was the reason they blast you
Had to do nothing with it, but who gives a flying damn anyway now?
You know mess with us
Russian is in da house, is in da house, is in da house

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