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Snowgoons – Hold Up

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исполнитель Snowgoons

длительность 04:46

размер 10.92 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Hold Up
Deutschland Deutschland raise your hand I’m the poor 'casian, man tan more land White man steal your land, Harry Callahan Caliber cannon in my hand, shatter your man Ran, splatter your man damn, this right hand land I’m Chuck Zito, you Van Damme, do a full split No bullshit once you get hit Death by strangulation with Rosary Beads if you strict catholic You’re Arabic, King of Nazareth I’m John Huston, listen to the maverick Hip hop historian and an analyst Y’all could just have a list, I’m Paul Kersey in this Death written hungry and thirsty, no mercy in this Rugged Man I’m the man and the myth In the Hall of Fame like Antonio Hardy and James Todd Smith DJ Illegal, leave you in the position that’s fetal Crawling back in your mom’s womb like «Bitch make room» Hey yo hold up, click clack we make you fold up Savage, Rugged leave you worn with a swollen mug Now peep game, you hate, you get no love So put your drink in the air and toast up Reservoir Dog, switch cannons when I lick off Toe tag, stiff in the morgue, even the score Blow weed, chief out the bong ready for war Weapons are drawn, leave the scent of death on your lawn One false step and you’re gone, the shit that I’m on Ring the alarm, pistol whip, pump in my palm You trapped in a storm, traveled to depths and beyond Back to the essence, Pharaoh live long Squeezed till the barrel blew screaming fuck them all Murder massacre disaster, piece to your dome Hoodied up, black mask and I’m cruising your home Born alone, die alone in these streets I roam Vocabulary in it’s deadliest form We’ll attack you walking the street, speak on the phone I walk the block with a gloc, real to the bone Till the sun burned out or my flesh is gone, motherfuckers Ain’t no one out here abut to stop my shine I got more eyes in the hood than the crime watch eyes Keep me aware of the snakes and their sideways grind Run their mouth, they go south before it’s migrate time No matter your religion you can’t run up on the God Brain hit your skull while you stumble with your squad Treat my music like life, you can’t front if it’s hard When I heard life’s a bitch I was done with the broad And I’m down to pimp a dick bitch, 100 abroad You’re my bottom bitch, swallow dick, cum for a yard I stay on the block like twenty-one dots, homes Ahk think he hot but he’s rocking a costume He say he’s from the hood but his pops got a pontoon My life on the beat, put my soul in the song too The sickest on the mic since AIDS outreach night Qualm Seen more deaths in the night than a light from pipebomb
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