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T.I. – Who What When (Feat. Meek Mill) [Prod. By Toomp]

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исполнитель T.I.

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:37

размер 8.30 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Who What When (Feat. Meek Mill) [Prod. By Toomp]
If they got a problem, tell em call me, we can settle that Matter fact, you ain’t gotta tell em, I’ll tell em that (I'll tell em) And if these niggas' hiding, we gon' slide up where they motha' at Ak-47 with the double strap Have your sister at the funeral, bring my brother back Just for fucking with the wrong one Ya, I got a short temper, but I got a long gun Call the mac the chicken wing cause it got its own drum I know these niggas' sick of me cause I done had a long run Countin' all this money (money) fucking all these hoes (hoes) They was looking at me funny cause I pulled up in the rose (rose) Y’all good for talkin' on Twitter (Twitter) We good for sparkin' on niggas' (sparkin') Broad day walk up on a niggas' Had a homicide unit put the chalk up on niggas' Hey you gon' do somethin' to who, what, when You say you want it with who, what, when Them shots is comin' at who, what, when You was sayin' that to who, what, when fuck nigga You better get that fuck shit off ya mind Cause Imma up that strap, you crossed the line Make examples out you niggas' start spreadin' the news When I shoot you gon' enjoy upside your head with them twos You want to find me, you can find me at the top of the list Said if they ever let me in, I wouldn’t stop it for shit You see that motivation, make you say I’m cocky as shit Whatever, fuck it, tell em suck a hippopotamus dick Nowadays, play how could I possibly get I’m getting paid Get out the Maybach and go hop in the jet Know they hat in on the rise and the cheddar I spend And the fact that I’m looking' fly in whatever I’m in Most of you big niggas' soft like the Michelin man When you see a lil nigga standing with a pistol in hand Kept me off stage rappin with my dick in my hand Tryna distinguish the difference between a bitch and a fan I done been broke once homie, never again Cause I sold dope once and I’ll sell it again First week 500, I’ll sell it again Tell the mice make way and let Elvis in I’m ballin' half around, half a jet, nigga pound for pound Only time we showin' up, the shut this mothafucka down Ridin' round in the Kia, no spare tires Chopper round shots fired, nigga, flat lines Zip came to it and keep the powder savoral Drive by’s on dirt bike with Meek Milli O Crow rock shells, I bleach em and watch em fade away And leave a nigga block wetter than a rainy day What’s beef? Beef is when you scared to leave the crib Guzzi and he inspired for some of the dolla mill I’m worth mills and I beat a nigga ass still Ya’ll niggas get wasted I ain’t talkin' spilled beers School of hard knocks, I’m a hate a cheetah One ya a dick sucka get your head up with the nina And YM still strapped snookin with the cleava Ya best bet to run the other way when I see ya
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