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Brooke Candy – Angry Birds

Brooke Candy
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исполнитель Brooke Candy

длительность 03:53

размер 8.89 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Angry Birds
Angry ass birds like cocoouu cocoouu Dumb dumb birds like cocoouu cocoouu Stupid ass birds like cocoouu cocoouu Put me in my place, Imma put you in your case, bitch You's a parrot, you just repeat Bought my style, copy machine You's a do-do, you don't even know ho Smoking all my dro though, shitting on this beak Clip them wings put yo body on my mantle I be killing bitches 'til this shit straight candle Sqwack, Sqwack, SQWACK yo momma gon' be like ey ? I be on the hunt, check the news on every channel (Shhhh) Let's be quiet while I'm hunting Bulls-eye, bye-bye, you know I ain't frontin' Angry birds, stupid chickens I got ratchet hoes, and cluckin' bitches That fuck for riches, many stenches Left all in my bed though, I flex on hoes Sex then dro Gas 'em like I'm TEXACO Little momma say she from Mexico Ready, set and a le-let go! Okay let go! Get it, get it Fall back (fall back) Me and Ms. Candy smokin' and drinkin' In the viz, haters fall back Down the whole bottle with some models What you call that? Yo blunt be super skinny, shit I'm smoking on is Opera fat You know is that, young high guy, have drunk like Mai Ty Take your clothes off, repeat that, oh my! Yeah I shoot like I'm a sniper Spitting so much heat them wings gon' be on fire Got them birds perching because they so tired Shut yo fucking trap, before I break yo beak (beak) Eating out my hand, yo you shit straight weak! I'm the kitty lady, I'm the pink fla-min-go John fucking Lennon bitch you ain't even Rango (Shhhh) Let's be quiet while I'm hunting Bulls-eye, bye-bye, you know I ain't frontin'
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