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La Coka Nostra – Everybody Down

La Coka Nostra
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исполнитель La Coka Nostra

жанр Альтернатива

длительность 03:34

размер 8.17 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Everybody Down
Everybody down Here is the loco with the coco, put it in your veins I'm the last bullet in the pistol, put it in your brain Run up on you with your wrong show, took your chain Didn't even touch you, my prescene alone shook your brain I'm the product of some fucked up parents The one good thing that, come out of their fucked up marriage Out of severe stress comes diamonds to cut up karats And we revere death plus violence, cut up faggots I'm a member of the LCN, don't get pistol whip La Coka Nostra membership has it's privileges And I'm a 5 star general in fact When I get vex, It's like a biochemical attack Stop lying to your self homes, you are terrible at rap Stop trying to be a tough guy, you terrible at that It's the Coke leader represent La Coka Nostra, creeps We toast constantly with beats that keep us focus It's not wise to agitate pit bull, rottweiler and spike dog collars When your style is tight, novels like knowledge you's not polished I got that Oswald flow, explode flow from the grassy knollism And snipe from the towers in Dallas, palace to malice on site Start your breath when you're marked for death Rocket launch ripped through your flesh and tear apart your chest Buy a record, t-shirt, CD, and a poster Do that make you a soldier, La Coka Nostra? I don't know, but the army's swelling with junkie scumbags Ex-cons, and felons, innocent civilians And kill them for the thrill of the hunt I'm in the Mandalay, all tens, LCN tatted on the cunt Jaysaun, what these niggas need, they only got to ask Can't measure one's treasure another man's trash Whatever your pleasure, nigga, hash, ass, or grass I got you, it's a sneeze, we keep the bean on smash I'm back at it, the lunatic up at the liquor store The Romans stick to punches laying your head split, hits the floor Swear I said this shit before, you just didn't listen Now I'm back at pissing in the wells that you's a wishin' I'm on a mission, my position is a sick of source Society is psycho with the cycle trying to get us all Some people hate you, some decide to ride your dick and balls Some are homicidal, get high as ? and sneak 'em all Colorado, hot money, greener than avocado My Movado watch price ? in my lotto models These are just a few things our American scams We scratch our balls now north porn, heroin and jam The snakes in the grass, the circus a serpents in town He curses church, worships devils and murks in the sound As berserk as it sounds, the Earth perfectly round I drink some whiskey, wash these Percocets down Return of the king, they heard of the murderer I bring Learn under my wing, the burner is gonna sting Rookie rappers can't focus their eyes is blurred Now work the perfect chemistry method like Heisenberg Walter White, paranoia, snort the white Lick a gorgeous dyke, fall victim to a stalkers knife Keep tweeting for peace, I'm a freak on a leash leaving you defeat and deceased, dog I'm a beast on the streets Twin sisters is hype, grab for my hard penis Capital weapon ex in love with the dark phoenix My thoughts are covered in sin, my torture dumber than grim One to the chin, let the phoenix, now I'm rubbing to win Rappers rapping about rapping can catch a stabin' Drag them off to the back and pass them off with a magnum Don't confuse consistence with skill level Cause I'm a god in this rap shit and I fuckin' kill devils
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