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Crooked I – Boom Boom Clap

Crooked I
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исполнитель Crooked I

длительность 04:42

размер 10.77 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Boom Boom Clap
Yeah, this is for gangsters only The dance floor's packed and them thangs is on me These cats wanna hate cause they dames is on me We strapped in the club, so it's dangerous, homie , clap, boom clap) This the bulletproof coupe with the moon roof back (Boom boom clap, clap, boom clap) Make way for young boss, dude move back Keep his quarters and Jimmy Choo shoes, now who's back Man, Crooked bomb first boy, please do not this Yeah, I'm two stepping with your freak, yo We in the club twenty deep, yo Everybody on the streets know Beef with us homie my heat go (Boom boom clap, clap boom clap) Yeah, pay your rent girl Drop down to the ground, pay your rent girl Do the freak to the beat, pay your rent girl Lap dance that man, pay your rent girl Chicks see the C-N-S and they get inside Nigga, black Mercedes packed with ladies Half they crazy asses is asking to have my baby You backwards cats amaze me Nope, I don't feel you fags Money in the safe but I gotta fill new bags I don't feel too bad, got beef? Holla I'll put money on your head like a dollar bill doo-rag Yeah, I don't need no ex, still getting more sex Still sipping Moet, still hitting your ex How you living? Is that really your crib? First you get money man, then you score I get in ya more
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