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Cky – Rio Brаvo

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исполнитель Cky

длительность 03:10

размер 2.90 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено made

Rio Brаvo
I’ve seen it done like the way the dogs do I’ll think it over, we’re standing into Your phony life but now it’s all dry Can’t take it you will see Not more than others, your phony life Like I don’t hear them But I’ll tell you something else When we get to the desert it’s out What we left in the past, it tears me up Pulled into a truck stop, my luck is over… The plan is failing, I think not… What we left in the past, it tears me up… It’s not what you’re used to In the middle of nowhere But I’m an old man And I love to wander distantly Your phony life and now it’s all dry If it seemed that I had myself controlled, that’s a lie…
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