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Jahlil Beats – ALL I DO FT. JINSU (DatPiff Exclusive)

Jahlil Beats
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исполнитель Jahlil Beats

длительность 02:24

размер 5.51 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

ALL I DO FT. JINSU (DatPiff Exclusive)
Fly young nigga, nigga I’m the shit Bad bitch with me and she bouncing on my dick Got racks in my pocket, throw it on yo chick She don’t waste time, she gon suck a nigga dick Rollie on my wrist ho Shawty said I beat it up like Klitchko Throw that money in the air, Shawty get low Getting head in the cab while I sip mo Ball on em, nigga I ball on em Make it for a real nigga so they call on him Got the shit lock, nigga never fall on em Hoes poppin, I’mma stack the money tall on em Tell a bitch make make it clap Make it clap and them bands I’mma make it snap Dope nigga and this money I’mma make it stack Told the bitch shake yo ass then throw it back All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches I’m just a young youngin I’m hittin bitches, clackin doors With a lucky charm treatin my dick like a pot of gold Grow it adorn, I’m with it then we can start the show Throw that ass back pourin mo all over them hoes You with the business, I lick it stick it, I’m getting with it Hittin older women, you got kids, bitch I ain’t trippin Blowin my jack, my niggas pourin it up Pack a loud, blowin it down, Kells rollin it up Nigga what? Im getting money, bad bitches on the stand by New J’s fuck em, I get em all by the landslide Probably on some Henny, feeling nice though my man high Maybe hittin yo bitch, doggystyle or that? I’m on fire, nigga give a fuck about the hatin My shades on, got my fuckin pupils dilated See any nigga in my way, I annihilate him Don’t put in words so yo bitch fake it You niggas basic, just face it On that kid and play shit My day bitch, yo main bitch, not knowin she ate kids Greatness, A list, was statements, just face it Know on the low I’m your niggas' favourite and plus (Hook x2) All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches All I do is get money and get bitches What? This that that gasoline flow Big dick swingin, boy ask yo main ho You fucked up, my life sweet as mangos Being with the wind, feeling like an angel I’m flyin straight through the hood and shit Gotta pay for the homie, let’s jug a bitch Goons no Neptunes but they good with clips King is you gotta deal with, you lose them chips If you want to, you want to, brought one bitch But I want two, I want two, she a ho But she can come too, can come too Stay on my toes like it’s no shoe, no shoe On my motherfuckin fizzy, my youngin Jahlil all on the biz-eat Son about to ball on yo bitch, shout out to BZ Solar baller bailing around like I’m 10 deep Still got me sittin 10 feet, nigga tend me You better not though Bet my code name in yo chick iPhone Never say yea to any bitch I know Nigga I go, wuddup? Fuck it! Problem keep goin Fuck fuck fuck em, yea Problem keep hoein With all of these bitches, with all of these riches I collect it can’t let my haters get neglected Ah ah ah ah, pockets big as Texas Ah ah ah ah, push the L like Alexis Ah ah ah ah, I got a girl named Alexis I eat that pussy and I don’t wanna say breakfast 'Cause thats what them other corny niggas out there saying. What? Yea!
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