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Theatre Of Tragedy – Highlights (bonus track)

Theatre Of Tragedy
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исполнитель Theatre Of Tragedy

длительность 03:59

размер 6.98 MB

битрейт 244 kbps

загружено dev_admin

Highlights (bonus track)
Always the young one Walks along the newly interred course Mindful of what he is and has become Somehow, we all admire Somewhy, that's what all require Always a heartbeat Followers can deal with pure deceit No reversal of our course We have put up with a lot Never again will we say sorry All this damage, all our fault Words don't commit, they withdraw Shining a light on traces we left yesterday Lost in the sparkle of a million stars in the sky No remorse, we always leave with no sign Nonessential lines intersecting time Don't expect it all to be highlights Remember when promises were revoked Somewhere, approved without him Someday this ends Displays of a shape blurred and out of phase Clichés seem like figures on a window pane
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