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Rodney Crowell – Why Don'T We Talk About It

Rodney Crowell
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исполнитель Rodney Crowell

длительность 03:35

размер 8.23 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено MC.Searcher

Why Don'T We Talk About It
Rain came down in endless sheets of thunder Lightnin' bolts split pine trees down to the roots In the shadow of the Astrodome with a hurricane comin' on strong We used to hit the streets and go swimming in our birthday suits Skiing in a bar ditch behind a moped 13 stitches on the corner of a sardine can We were dirt poor Houston kids our whole family living on the skids But we always had a nickel for the comin' of the ice cream man Mosquito truck blowing up DDT Barefoot heathens running wild and free Air raid buzzer at a noon-day scream Living in a dream on Telephone Road I used to love them cherry Cokes down at the Prince’s Drive-In And the cheeseburgers taste so good I like to come untied There’s a Chinaberry tree I remember I used to climb in and out of my window The night I left was on the day before my Grandma died Sawdust spread out on a dance hall floor Jukebox ripping at an all-out roar Barmaid smiling at a 10 cent tip Living is a trip on Telephone Road Magnolia Garden bandstand on the very front row Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and The Killer puttin' on a show Six years old and just barely off my daddy’s knee When those rockabilly rebels sent the Devil running right through me A drive-in movie in the trunk of my car A one-eyed sailor in an ice house bar Spit-shine Charlie and ol' Peg-leg Bill are dressed up fit to kill on Telephone Road Telephone Road, Telephone Road Barbecue and beer on ice A salty watermelon slice at the Little Taste of Paradise On Telephone Road
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