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The Partridge Family – rainmaker

The Partridge Family
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исполнитель The Partridge Family

длительность 02:30

размер 3.46 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено BlackWhiteOrang

She came with the rain Scarlet ribbon in her hair I never even knew her name She just slipped away from me to who knows where And if it weren't for the rain She might still be there CHORUS: Rainmaker, does she have to be free? I guess you know she took the best part of me Rainmaker, I'll wait endlessly If there's a way to make her come back to me Doo, doo.... Love was only yesterday and now tomorrow waits in vain She never promised me she'd stay So a stranger to my love she will remain And I know more than me she loved the rain CHORUS Yes, I know now more than me she loved the rain, she loved the rain CHORUS REPEAT AND FADE
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