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Justin Bieber Feat. Blake Kelly – Broken

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исполнитель Justin Bieber Feat. Blake Kelly

длительность 02:46

размер 3.79 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено Kenig68

Hoping you would change me, ) , they try to break me How you gon' play me? How you gon' break me? All my life, been driving them crazy, there go the Blakey, thought of them ladies , and kissing Mercedes, living the life, the life is so crazy I need some cameras, hundreds and ladies, how you expect me not to go crazy? Never been lazy, never been shady, lost a few friends, the monies still gravy We the new stars, that's why they still hating, money up front, we never be waiting Save some and invest some, just let my money be patient It's a cold world we that we live in, diamonds all in my pendant They wish Satan tellers was in itthen they'd prey for me to be finished Them haters gon' start tripping when you don't pay them no attention And the obstacle I might face, I guarantee that I kill it
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