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Mixylodian – Make Me

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исполнитель Mixylodian

длительность 03:31

размер 3.23 MB

битрейт 128 kbps

загружено id188147325

Make Me
You should say what you mean when you Want me to stay you should just say the words And I'll make you like you want me to Turn the lights down low, pull the sheets on the floor When I was younger I couldn't say The things I wanted but couldn't ask for Now that I'm older I'm honest now Tonights the night and you know what it's made for I see your face in my dreams at night All through the day when I'm paying my dues Your body moves like the candle light So smooth you flow like the lights on the side There's somethign missing, can you provide Just one thing's all I've a reason to lie I need your warm body next to mine The candle's burning so lets do what feels right
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