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Dj Bobo – Mystasia

Dj Bobo
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исполнитель Dj Bobo

жанр Поп

длительность 03:55

размер 8.98 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Keits

Mystasia, is the land Mystasia, is the land beyond your dreams Mystasia, come with me Mystasia, endless hope, that's what it means If you believe there's nothing else but a dream you are wrong Try to look beyond Here is the world, here is your own galaxy like it seems The land beyond your dreams Now take the chance to let you're feelings be free, and you'll see You can live your fantasy Mystasia is the place, is more than you guess, like a sign The sun will always shine You feel like flying in a coloured sky You are weightless like a butterfly What's on your mind becomes reality A piece of heaven will set you free If you open your eyes you can see a land Where illusions are more than a friend Where the rainbow appears, all the people smile And you can escape for a while I'm talking about a land that you don't know You know, like a secret - or a rainbow Where life could be paradise, sun is shinin' all the time All around a magic place, 99 here's the sign Fine - this will be yours and mine We call it land of the sun with the golden shine Free your mind - don't care about what people say Today is the day, you better come this way
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