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38 Special – Homeless Guitar

38 Special
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исполнитель 38 Special

длительность 05:15

размер 5.92 MB

битрейт 157 kbps

загружено id160074120

Homeless Guitar
Well, I know how it feels to be ripped from my roots And tossed into a world unbending Not long ago I was bitten by the truth Some folks spend their whole life pretending Now I start each mornin' with the sunlight by my side Find another highway, hitch another ride And I use this six-string like an archer wields his bow I believe when the arrow finds it's mark It pierces the soul Three songs for a quarter each time I open my case Four chords and the voice of a good man fallen from grace No pity for me mister, I'm proud to be a drifter A long shot from bein' a star You know, the times ain't been easy For me and my Homeless Guitar Now I know how it feels to be judged in a glance Stripped of your pride and your passion I only know that the rivers of the soul Run deeper than birthright or fashion I see you look me over, feel the weight of your stare I'm sendin' you a message but you act like you don't care I see a ripple, a crack in your facade You know, it really don't matter who you think you are We're the same under God (2nd Chorus) I thank the Lord above for the gift He's given me I'm richer than most men Got a friend in my six-string In a world where trust ain't got no guarantee If you ain't got a penny Gonna sing you this song for free, yeah (refrain) Oh, I use these six-strings like an archer wields his bow I believe when the arrow finds it's mark It pierces the soul (3rd Chorus)
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