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Dope D.O.D ft. Teddy Killerz – Master Xploder (Apashe Remix)

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исполнитель Dope D.O.D ft. Teddy Killerz

длительность 03:48

размер 8.72 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Kenig68

Master Xploder (Apashe Remix)
Hip hop hooligan, I never went back to school again When I figured how to use the pen On the path of revenge, on the loose again Rollin' 20 deep with my Ghost Town bully clan Who I am? You may call me the boogeyman And if ya ass is fat, we can do a dance Teddy Killerz steady kill it in the mix Wicked with the lyric shit, you know I never miss I ran into a million dumb people in the biz They said I rap too evil, but now I’m gettin' rich I don’t give a shit though, kick it like a schizo Another horrorcore banger for your disco You think you’re in the clouds, I will take you higher Sound like a got a throat full of razor wire (It's) Time to get dough, (It's) time to explode How the rest goes, you can ask Dope Rotten representin', raisin' tension Nobody in your damn crew’s worth the fuckin' mention You’re doin' quite well, it’s an intervention Kill 'em all off, it’s just wackness prevention Centre of attention, mow 'em all down, don’t make no exceptions Don’t really care 'bout the house of correction My fam right here don’t need no protection, pay attention No objections, it’s time for redemption Out for perfection, I’m gunnin' like Texans Didn’t see ya comin', ace in deception Push this whole thing to another direction Explosives, I’ve got a whole collection I’ll make sure you’ll get a warm reception You unaware, incoming detecting The Master Xploder’s blowin' up your section (still droppin' the bomb once again now…) What up is, I got some rough shit for you suckas Fuck the police, never talk rubbish Butterfly knives, comin' for your stomach The GOAT nigga runnin', the dope nigga runnin' I want 5 hundred motherfuckin' million It’s that or your children, blow up the building Now hands to the ceiling and bitch we ain’t kiddin nah The way we livin' there’s no fucks to be given nah Puff loud even better than Cheech Then I preach like a motherfuckin' Cherokee Chief I got reach from the streets to the Pelican Beach We got beats that’ll breach through you pussy ass creeps So what’s good nigga, test me I wish you would nigga Dope D.O.D. you misunderstood nigga So cut the crap cause I’m colder than Cola Better than Hova, (Who?) Master Xploder
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