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Murkage – La Plage (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)

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исполнитель Murkage

жанр Дабстеп

длительность 04:01

размер 9.19 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

La Plage (feat. Bipolar Sunshine)
Dickhead, you must be new here We light up the sky like a new year And what a band of brothers Looking down on others Like who the fuck are you Like who the fuck are you? And it’s on, so why wait? And it’s on, so why wait? They love us, we riot in their premise It won’t be long 'til we get back from Paris If you want your white Nike’s to stay clean Come outta my scene Please don’t quote YOLO to a Hindu It’s more N.E.R.D. we’re into It feels fuckin sick to be doing this And have all of my tight spars with me Unplug from the bullshit quickly Knead out all the knots and that’s me Videos and stageshows avec un neuf neuf Middle finger to that prick George Osborne Still sippin on a icey tin with that drunken grin Away game or home turf Haters sting like fruit flies Amassed drums that come in lion size I still wonder why the world is wound so tight But we gotta let go cos We’re on a Murkage ting We’re on a Murkage ting We’re on a Murkage ting Like no prisoners Murkage ting and again We’re on a Murkage ting We’re on a Murkage ting We’re on a Murkage ting No prisoners Murkage ting All backstage most keen to meet Felix Jackson fear three squared seek him Roll in inked up women pins to the ceiling fiending Double M tees and fascination Taxi quick ting Gyration tempts the humble kingpin Conversation’s dead I could never mourn it Talk’s for friends who talk to forbes and Yeah I really do that shit Flip dykes.com to my own music Fake lesbians the grand unzip That’s modern amusement Rockstar life I do rockstar things Parisian pics chicks crawling up walls with a mutant mystic shadow prince She ninja powers, invading mountains Playing my flute in the small hours The stories buried, cuban flowers My condolence, who’s about this Selling dreams in a heaven that’s so cold Rent a fate that ignorance owns though Yeah! I’m that arrogant kid So narcissistic Yeah ! I’m vintage goods Another nasty misfit
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