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Koven – Miracle

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исполнитель Koven

правообладатель Appo

жанр Дабстеп

длительность 03:45

размер 4.90 MB

битрейт 182 kbps

загружено Appo

How did we make it With things that we’ve never known Questioning the proof that we had Was it all pointless The time that we used to show Except from finding comfort within false hope Have you found what you’ve been searching for Ask yourself has it been worth it all In another life, in another light Have you found what you’ve been searching for Should it be easy, with time to deliberate Could there only be one answer Finding focus, but viewed in a different way Tried to show them reasons so they’d understand We could pray for a miracle We could pray that a change will come We could waste time for the hell of it We could just move on
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