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A Black Rose Burial – Straight From the Mind of the Modern Day Vigilante

A Black Rose Burial
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исполнитель A Black Rose Burial

длительность 03:06

размер 5.69 MB

битрейт 256 kbps

загружено Silico

Straight From the Mind of the Modern Day Vigilante
Fly for the door, I Can taste those glands of fear You extract yourself, as I still draw near A target fixated on Your face so closed casket is necessary Safe haven is so far away Soon the hounds will search And smell, you rotten and decayed Decomposing in this Earth, I still share no remorse for Helping you to become a corpse I wanted This for So long I'm ecstatic (Shoot it, man... Shoot it in the head!) Deception Will bleed you dry All eight Pints pumping from your throat, you grow faint as I speak now I am known (Put another round in that woman over there, look! She's a twitcher!) I could push you A thousand times From the highest tower, you Should have seen this coming, you Fucking coward Live another second to see disgust in my eyes This is what you get for taking innocence from their lives You won't be forgotten Your mutilation was not an option So dead now, I'm relieved Fly for the door, I I can taste those Glands of fear You extract yourself As I still draw Near A target fixated On your face
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