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Alex Wiley – Thug Angel

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исполнитель Alex Wiley

длительность 04:57

размер 11.35 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено transbass

Thug Angel
Chasing fame, chasing money Got a lil name, niggas tryin' to take it from me The shit is getting to me, I can’t even stunt Swinging for defenses, niggas trying to make me But my end is sensing my youth Just disappear in this poof poof Riding round in that coop Trying to keep my pockets on bruce, bruce! You don’t like how I do, true Peace shout, my nigga deuce deuce Hundreds go cause my money swallow me Big nany comes and Kush, Kush! Damn, get fucked and I get fucked, nigga Rinding that passion, I smoke on occasion And it’s the needs and no way that it needs And now way that it feels like I play for the… Start to fuck 'em, lil nigga! You don’t really want to interfere, niggas, nigga! When we get fucked I got nothing Them lame ass nigga trying to push my buttons, so fuck it! Roll it up, we gonna get high tonight She said you gonna be so afraid of that shit You’re probably right! A couple bitches when they ain’t about the molly type On a gray van, nigga is the money and the chain But it top down screaming that money ain’t a thing! Na, na, na, na, na, na Na, na, na, na, na, na Titties in my phone And that bitch that is now my bitch Any bitch can’t tickle my private… And it’s about my bitch back to the trap I go Niggas will go to the rap I know Big.in the game, and they like my dough Everybody on my met my own!
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