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Dan Penn – Memphis Women and Chicken

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исполнитель Dan Penn

правообладатель Warner Music Group Warner Bros.

жанр R’n’B

длительность 00:30

размер 10.36 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Memphis Women and Chicken
memphis women, fried chicken memphis women, fried chicken well i’m headin' into memphis, memphis tennessee the one place in the world i can get something good to eat i’m hungry for some loving and some fried chicken that goes down greasy and finger lickin' i know just where to go to see some women i know they mix it up right and let it simmer real slow memphis women, fried chicken memphis women, fried chicken down on union there’s a good ol' gal she can smoke a pig and fry some fowl she got biscuits in her oven corn bread in the pan i get by to see her every chance i can i catch a whiff when i turn the corner my mouth starts to water and i’m a goner for the memphis women, fried chicken memphis women, fried chicken play some good blues and get a good meal i don’t care if the whiskey ever hits my lips long as i get a taste of those bar-b-que ribs there’s a woman up on the bluff makes a living making pies she got chocolate covered fingers and dark blueberry eyes got that light powdered sugar sprinkled all in her
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