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Jack Kerouac – Conclusion of the Railroad Earth

Jack Kerouac
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исполнитель Jack Kerouac

правообладатель Warner Music Group Rhino

длительность 00:30

размер 23.07 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Warner Music Group

Conclusion of the Railroad Earth
Oh baby Oh baby, baby I'm going to give you the railroad blues Oh baby, baby I'd put a block of wood under the wheels of the car and watch it ride and crack as the car eased up on it and stopped and sometimes didn't at all but just rolled on leaving the wood flattened to the level of the rail with up-trusted cracky ends afternoons in hometown long ago I wondered what the grimy men were doing with the big box cars and blocks of wood in their hands and far above the big ramps and rooftops of the great grey warehouse of eternity I'd see the immortal canal clouds of red beck time the drowse so heavy in the whole July city it would hang even in the dank gloom of our father's shop which was a printing shop outside where they kept big-roll trucks with little wheels and flat slivery platforms and junket corners and boards the ink dyed into the oily wood as deep as a black river folded therein forever contrasts for the white puff cream clouds outdoors that you just conceived standing in a dust-moded hall door over the old [?] Lowell Dickens redbrick floating like in an old cartoon little bird designs going by too all of it, the grey degaratite mystery in the whirly spermy waters of the canal thus, in the same way the afternoons in Southern Pacific redbrick alley in San Francisco remembering my wonder at slow-grinding move and squeeze of gigantic boxcars flats and gones rolling by with that overpowering steel dust clenching clush and clack of steel on steel the shutter of the whole steely proposition a car going by with a brake-on and a whole rattling rig rattling like a ghost the monsters and powderings of iron on iron and hell in the frightening fault nights in California when you can see through the mist and the monsters slowly passing and hear the whee-whee squee those merciless wheels that one time conducted Roy Haynes or Roy Brooks and my student trip said Jack, when those wheels go over your leg they don't care about you same way with that wood that I sacrifice what those grimy men had been doing some of them standing on boxcars and signaling far down the redbrick alley canals of Lowell and some old men snoring like bums moving around over rails with nothing to do the big cutter cars squeeing by with that teeth-gritting cree-cree the gigantic huck-steel bending rails into Earth and making ties move now, I knew from workin' on the Sherman local on Sundays we dealt with boxes of wood because of incline in the ground that made kick cars stop going you had to ride them brake them and stop them with your blocks lessons i learned like, Boy, put tie and good brake on him we don't wanna start chasin' that son of a gun back down to the city when we kick the car again Okay, but I'm playin' the safety rules of the safety book I been readin' the safety book every night all night long to the T listen now here I am and the rear man on the Sherman local and set out in Sunday morning preacher blossom car flowers and made curtsies bow sabbath God tin everything's been arranged and then fashioned accordin' to old traditions reached in the back of the Sutter's Mill times when the pioneers sick of hangin' around the hardware store all week didn't hang around and put on their best vestments and spoked and jaw-bleaked in front of the old wooden church and railroad men of the 19th century inconceivably ancient Southern Pacific of another era bestow five hats flowers in their lapels had made the moves with a few cars with the old-town milk bottle with the great formality archaic ashamed crowds of watchers bederbied in the gloom like old waiters in the rain of time all galleried and posed in historic ink sorrowful as Jews America stained gave the sidekick a car with a wooden head I run out the old conductor yells you better break that head because he's gonna go down as fast as you can get him Okay! I run and take it easy on the jog and waiting his with the big car looming over me just switched in through its tracks and locomotive tracks where the lead, all the angling and arrowing's being done by the conductor who throws the switch reads the track list throws the switch so up the rungs I go and according to the safety rules which I read in the safety rule book with one hand I hang on with the other I break, slowly, according to the joints, easing up, with the other I brake, till I reach the cut of cars waiting and into gently my braked boxcar bangs, zom Vibrations Things inside shake, the cradled rockaby baby merchandise zoms with it all the cars that this impact goes forward about a foot and crush woodblocks that I'd earlier placed I jump down place a block of wood and just neatly glue it under the steel lip of that monster's wheel and everything stops So I turn back to take care of the next kick car which is going down the other track and also quite fast, I jog, finding wood on route, run up the rung, stop it, safety rules hanging on one half and getting the [?] tie a good brake on it, conductor said to me something I should've learned then as a year later in [?] hundreds of miles down the line I tied four breaks on three gondolas, the old gondola handbrakes that had old rust and loose chains [?] with one hand safety-wise hanging and in one case it's unexpected joint which would jolt me off, and under the merciless wheels under whose action, blocks of wood my bones would be lie Bam! at Guadalupe they kick the cutter cars against my poorly-braked guns everything began brake down that brake line back to St. Louis-Obispo [?] for the alerto conductor looking out just one sentence oh throw the switches in front of it and unlock the switch-locks as fast as the cars kept coming, kinda comic circus act with him in floppy clown pants in hysterical horror darting from switch-to-stand to switch-to-stand and the guys in back are hollerin' the pot taking off after the cut and catching it almost and pushing it into the couplers because they'd close just in time the engine braking everything to a stop good god almighty, thirty thirty five feet almost in front of the final D-rail which would the old winded conductor couldn't have finally made which the old winded conductor couldn't have finally made, but all have lost our jobs my safety rule breaks and not taken momentum of steel and slight inclines into consideration if it had been Sherman and Guadalupe, I woulda been hated and cutaway
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