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Chamillionaire – Gucci & Fendi (2oo9)

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исполнитель Chamillionaire

жанр Рэп

длительность 04:16

размер 5.92 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено dev_admin

Gucci & Fendi (2oo9)
(Chorus - Sample from "Hate Me Now" by Nas - 2X) Gucci this, Fendi that Gucci this, Fendi that Gucci this, Fendi that Fendi this, Fendi that (Break - Sample from "Hate Me Now" by Nas - 2X) (Fuck) this, (fuck) that (Fuck) this, (fuck) that (Fuck) this, (fuck) that What you expect ho? (Chamillionaire - talking over Chorus and Break) Uh Yeah Mixtape Messiah Part 7 You already know, Chamillionaire, yeah Excuse me for the repetitiveness in the hook but ah Had to get your attention somehow, haha Hold up, hold up, hold up Yeeeah (woo) (Chorus - 2X) (Break - 2X) (Verse 1 - Chamillionaire) Auto-Tune could die but how do we erase the copycats? (how?) Whatever replacin that, I bet they all gonna copy that I could spit it sick, so tell me why would I be mad? I be killin everything, my sponsor is the body bag Messiah 7, this the final chapter If you want anymore (no), you can rewind it after (yeah) Industry nuthuggers actin like he ain't a factor Well Bruce Leroy, we 'bout to show 'em "who's the master" (yeah) They say you can't be gangsta if you're not in black Rappers say they gangsta like that mean that they can not be whack So I look around, realize I only got my strap And just for the hell of it, I'm yellin "where my posse at?" Nah, I don't have no homies homie, that's because You could be my dog 'til you touch my money with ya paws Grindin is like sex to me, work is like the best massage Call my wallet Nikki, every day I'm tryin to get m©naged Hey don't be mad, lighten up, like C. DeBarge Use my money for a step and I'm a have a seat on Mars I drive by ya silly blogs Mirrors on my cars, so all my haters can see they flaws The past they want me to be a retro But I'm so George Jetson, that the future what you get bro Materialisticness is what they all respect though So Esco can let the hook go (what you expect ho?) (Chorus - 2X) (Break - 2X) (Verse 2 - Chamillionaire) Yeah, yeah Man I'm livin large (large), welcome to my fortress Crib pale white, I call it the Scott Storch-ress Maid talkin trash to me Like Weezy and George's Ain't really that good at cleaning but she do it lookin gorgeous (woo!) Ya got me lacin up my Forces So van Gogh, it's time to paint a better portrait Of course it's, time for my course to change courses No Tony Danza, I got to show 'em "Who The Boss" is Ya girl droolin on her Hewlett-Packard Can't get me out her system, got me feelin like I'm a hacker Rapper but my competition is just Casper Ain't gotta flash the funds to turn ya freak into a flasher Brain incredible ain't talkin where her weave is Which one of y'all can get the "Royal penis the cleanest"? If you don't get it, I'm tellin ya what I mean is That you're smart and I'm tryin to be ingenious (haha) How could I not enjoy my life? Ain't a private plane on the planet, I ain't saw more than twice The reason why they hit the mall or order ice But it's more to life (life) and I know I'm more than right Ya taught that money talks, they tell ya that ya one dimension -al but all I know is that we need an intervention So Gucci this and Fendi that is what I gotta mention So now that I got your attention (what you expect ho?), haha (Chorus - 2X) (Break - 2X) (Chamillionaire - talking over Chorus) I talk that money talk Yeah, yeah, so you know who the boss (Outro - Chamillionaire - talking) Mixtape Messiah Part 7, the final chapter I once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like, haha
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