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Tkay Maidza – You Want

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исполнитель Tkay Maidza

правообладатель Universal Music Group Universal Music Australia Pty. Ltd.

жанр Рэп

длительность 03:40

размер 8.43 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

You Want
Time does fly like I will they won’t I see you’re tired act like I don’t know They kiss make ties with an X + O When I see your lies grieving made me know Who’s your tie in if you’re decent we’d know Climb in if you need but we need don’t Ask and you show up like we need an equal If your ass up you’ve used your chance I don’t give two, just one at best Can’t buy one and get one free Like hydrant all the pressure’s kept Then someone comes to relieve King of cards no heart invested So hard just to believe You had a vision I could be your guest It didn’t fit like your mum’s jeans Wish you weren’t this way You wish we were the same I give you what you take from me In return you wait for change Who are you for that? x 5 Are you going to stay outside? You want, you want Everything that I have And you don’t Wishes you cannot buy You’ve got, you’ve got All the things But they are not what you want Who are you for that? x 5 Used to care of them thoughts but I’m out Fucking the wrist I’m like what you saying No filter gram keep of and I’m up Yeah and they act up when you give no grain You want deep thoughts think for not about Introspect lost now I’m in this game Used to seek hope before on a cloud Now I’m on rise like a Tuesday Block your thoughts that i want to help Started to see there is nobody else The world is so lonely if i find a step Keeping it closed 'cause I care for my health Don’t seek approval in those who weren’t there Who are you to think you can have a say? You call in, hide when I’m in and Got Robin Williams here when I’m afraid
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