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Cast of Galavant – Comedy Gold

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исполнитель Cast of Galavant

правообладатель Universal Music Group Hollywood Records

длительность 02:21

размер 5.40 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Comedy Gold
Comedy is easy once you know the basics Starting with the concept of surprise Right! Take what folks think Give it a wink You try it on now for size Me? Yeah What's black and white, and red all over? I don't know, sire. What is black and white, and red all over? Those guys, after I behead them. Huh, huh? (Guard screams as he is pushed off the balcony) He was surprised [JESTER]: Comedy gold Really? I'm tellin' you it's comedy gold Yes! You're killing it! If that doesn't slay them- I'll murder you cold! Swear to God, it's comedy gold! Well, our work here is done, so I'll just be going Oh, we're just getting started Ah, right Lesson two Lesson number two is also fundamental Something that we call the Rule of Three Set up the joke Give it a stroke Third time, bam! [KING RICHARD]: Yes, now me! Three serfs walk into a bar The first serf orders a hot grog The second serf orders a hot grog And the third serf orders a hot grog But he has no money or neither do the other two because they are serfs Huh? [JESTER]: Comedy gold [KING RICHARD]: Yes, nailed it! [JESTER]: I promise you it's comedy gold [KING RICHARD]: Hilarious [JESTER]: The crowd will be rolling... [KING RICHARD]: Or heads will be rolled [JESTER]: Oh, not with all this comedy gold [KING RICHARD]: More, more! Props can be a riot Ethnic humor, can't deny it Or a pratfall if it's properly applied Depending on the viewer Take it black or work it bluer Or try an observational aside [KING RICHARD]: Have you ever noticed how lepers have pieces falling off of them? What's that all about? [JESTER]: Comedy gold [KING RICHARD]: Comedy gold [BOTH]: I'm tellin' you, it's comedy gold [KING RICHARD]: Comedy gold [BOTH]: No doubt about it [JESTER]: Talent like yours, Sire It never gets old [KING RICHARD]: And if it does... You'll never get old, because you'll be dead when I execute you. Get it? [JESTER]: Got it [KING RICHARD]: Good Gonna be killer Gonna be ace Folks dyin' of laughter All over the place! [KING RICHARD]: And if I get desperate [JESTER]: A pie in the face! [KING RICHARD]: I dare you [BOTH]: Tellin' you it's comedy gold!
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