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Akon – All My Life

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исполнитель Akon

жанр R’n’B

длительность 03:11

размер 3.55 MB

битрейт 155 kbps

загружено Eleonoralove

All My Life
Verse 1 I’m in the streets where the soldiers stay You can talk about getting fresh with people where they close for days You can roll in a nice whip, we be rolling haze Maintained in the game, and I’m so amazed Only Jews that we got was advice From the brothers that been through it But I can ask my mother she’s been through it Back home in Africa where the struggle is real I can say my blood line is spectacular But it’s a sin and I don’t know my kin I’m a ghost don’t know my beginning know my end Yo Konvict calm my soul pray that I live & I hope the lord forgive me for all of my sins Chorus Saw my life I could fight like a solider Hustling was another mode a That I can use to survive Even though they said it ain’t right So tell me where were you when those nights got colder The day I thought that it was all over As you can see I survived Made the best of my life... Verse 2 I’m a man so I shed tears For my homies in the jail and my dead peers Lot of blood dropped the police the red years Don’t show, cold sores, so the feds here A lot of gangsters in my town like the Greb there Outside all night cause it’s red there Want to beef, forget invest, get headgear This is the town where you get down And drown nobody tread here I swear to god that I’m telling the truth Was a felon when I fell in the booth They want me to feel Like I was feeling I was scared of the truth Yo Kon turn me up so I can give them the proof Chorus Verse 3 I said I’m man enough to cry I ought to let you know that I 'm man enough to die War for the cause when I do 21 salute, can into the sky Have it for the drought when the grams gon’ get high My friends are saying your man gon’ get high Slide in the five just to gon’ get a buy Sixth gear, 200 trying to die on the ride Now I can outlaw, still arise, trunk full of pies Chorus 2x
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