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Johnny Winter – Route 90

Johnny Winter
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исполнитель Johnny Winter

длительность 04:13

размер 5.80 MB

битрейт 192 kbps

загружено larisandrina

Route 90
Oh won't you come with me To the land of dreams Rollin' down Rt. Ninety, to New Orleans Straight outta California to New Mexico Gonna get a cup of coffee, in El Pas-o Roll on through Comstock to San Antone Gonna call my baby on the telephone We'll pass through Katy and Houston too Stop in Beaumont Texas, for some barbeque Hot links and hog ribs, fillet gumbo At the Bon Ton drivein, that's the place to go Then Jennings and Crowley, Lake Charles and Rain When you get to Lafayette boy, you'll see 'em cuttin' cane In Morgan City, where the shrimp boats land Put a nickle in the juke box, you'll hear a Cajun band Ain't ya glad you come along, boy, to the land of dreams? Rollin' down Rt. Ninety, to New Orleans
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