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Arsonists Get All The Girls – Hemlock Like This

Arsonists Get All The Girls
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исполнитель Arsonists Get All The Girls

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Century Media

жанр Рок

длительность 00:30

размер 7.03 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено id50219081

Hemlock Like This
I’m dry mouthed and wide eyed My liver starts to pulsate It feels like blades have internal reckoning A mass confusion of sorts springs From whence it came gurgling I have been taken for a fool for the The last time I need oxygen my limbs feel as if They’re icing over My pulse quickens and is constricting Every reason holds temporary thoughts of it What I’ve begun to feel But my tainted mind has different plans for me In decision takes seconds off my time Vision turns to red I stand lurched to one side with Odds against me contemplating Im fading faster after every thought Is registered I’ve never choked on a scream Or ever thought i would Hands cool to the touch Clamber for a respective positive If they’ll ever take me alive That moment lies in wake I’d give anything for that moment It’s like waiting for incoming tide Burn me alive Anything but this mutagen Death from inside I can feel everything inside me wither Wither and die A certain gravity is holding onto my skin tight Coherence left it’s imprint The round around me softens I can still feel a will to live, will to live But my eyes will not grant the access It’s colder that before It comes to shape, comes to shape I tried to get out alive with out variable But that seemed so song ago Its seems years ago
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