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The Heligoats – Fish Sticks

The Heligoats
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исполнитель The Heligoats

длительность 04:09

размер 9.52 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Тера

Fish Sticks
Is there a sign on the back of my head That says Desensitized? Well I’m sorry I said anything You sang a song You then learned to sing And said that you missed the songs you sang Before you learned anything In a fishbowl on the beach I know the salty water stings But it’s not hard to see From a bowl the world’s out of reach I see my face in the lake at the end of a pier All the fish seem to wonder what I’m doing here When I hold my head under and hear them all scoff I just open up my mouth and let my mind jump off It says there’s a sign at the end of this swamp That says destruct, it’s fucked it’s done it’s just mud No such dumb luck Construct new huts Blind new kinds of ducks Then make them occupy new titles Like on the royal isle Where they print up a phone book As thick as a bible You were baptized in a river I was thrown off a bridge Then I landed on a crab you slept with seahorses I started having seizures, you started having kids You found your inner self, I found my inner fish And my other car is a boat, it has a boat name I thought we both came, but no No such conch, no pontoon, no one is listening to you The sun does wonders to your brain the way it burns right through I am swimming in a trough I’m sure you’ve written me off by now But just when I think that all is lost I see you stepping in the water To me every edge of the lake is a fifty foot cliff And once you are swimming with me there’s no way out of this So let’s just turn back into amphibians Let’s just tread until our legs give in Let’s start over
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