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Sister Souljah – The Hate That Hate Produced

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исполнитель Sister Souljah

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Epic/Legacy

жанр R’n’B

длительность 00:30

размер 6.98 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

The Hate That Hate Produced
— Hey Junior, where’s everybody going? — Man, we’s free! We «finna» get our freedom — What? But Master Thomas been good to us Why we leaving? Why we leaving now? The time for scared, lip-trembling, word-changing Self-denying, compromising Knee-shakin' black people is over If you have something to say Speak up with authority and conviction If not, sit down and shut up We have to have the power to tell the truth To say whatever is necessary To do what needs to be done Whatever it is, no matter who it may hurt Tell 'em who I am! C’mon! Tell 'em who I am! C’mon! Souljah was not born to make white people feel comfortable I am african first, I am black first I want what’s good for me and my people first And if my survival means your total destruction Then so be it! You built this wicked system They say two wrongs don’t make it right But it damn sure makes it even! Yeah, you can speak and all of that But can you rhyme, Sister? Souljah’s creating the statements I’m stating… Meant to be real, never accommodating… I give it to you straight, I don’t water it down… No need to debate, I don’t change it around… Well if the truth hurts, well then you’ll be in pain And if the truth drives you crazy, you’ll die insane Now you can tell Ted Koppel, and even Dan Rather Cameras and light won’t affect the matter… Yeah, I know your nerves are wrecked to hear a woman That’s a rebel Well, you heard the bass, but Souljah’s the treble The experts, the scientists, PhD’s Souljah pays no homage to a paper degree My mind is mine, my thoughts are a friend to me Damn your color and white world supremacy Got ya drippin and sweatin, you can’t believe what I said Wait for me to change my mind, hold your breath You’ll be dead… Dead, dead, dead, dead…
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