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Balligomingo – New World

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исполнитель Balligomingo

длительность 04:04

размер 9.31 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено successful

New World
My withering dreams Are clouds in the sky Formless memories shaped by the wind Whispering fears that follow me Reflecting faces I’ll see till the end Crystal blue clear water invites me Memories fade I jump in Enduring the tide and the pound of the ocean I’m carried by waves from my sin Wishing on my star Feels like floating home On and on Holding on to some night sky Won’t drag me down A brand new world to try Again Looking now I see Everything Your light in the night From the stars is what I see And in with faith my feet hit the ground I know that they hold my memories tightly Somewhere they’ll never be found Holding on to some night sky Won’t drag me down Wishing on my star Holding on to some night sky On and on
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