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Lynne Thigpen – Cleanin' Women

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исполнитель Lynne Thigpen

правообладатель Sony Music Entertainment Masterworks Broadway

длительность 00:30

размер 8.22 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Cleanin' Women
Mama worked just like her mama before her Domestic workin' was their trade They was laundress, cook, and live in help Thursday girl, babysitter, and a hotel maid; They worked six days a week, all day long Never could get out of debt Those were the days when the minimum wage was Anything you could get! They was Cleaning Women without faces Coming and going on a first name basis You’re talkin' to somebody who knows… and after too many years… Lord! I dont' wanna be in one more laundry room; I don’t wanna pick up now another broom One of these days, just wanna sleep til noon! Cleanin' Women without faces Comin' and going on a first name basis (ooo) Ooo, y’talkin' to somebody who knows (somebody who knows) And after too many years… Lord! I don’t wanna be in one more laundry room! I don’t wanna pick up now another broom One of these days, (one of these days) Just wanna sleep til noon! (ooo) All day long I’m thinkin', my kids is in the streets stomewhere But the lady of the house don’t think you thinkin' half the time (aahh) Always talkin' round you, like you ain’t even there It’s gettin' so it does somethin' to my mind! (Cleanin' Women! Cleanin' Women! -- oo, oo) I’ve got a daughter with a head on her shoulders Purdy as a picture too! (pretty baby!) (ooo)She ain’t gonna hide that purdy face behind (aahh) Kitchen doors, scrubbin' floors like her Mama do If my legs don’t give out and my back hold up I’m gonna make her a better day; (better and better) You’ll never see her gettin' down on her knees Unless she’s down there to pray! No more… Cleanin' Women, without faces Sh’gonna walk in-a on this last name basis! (oo, whooo!) She’ll be the first in this family (this family) To have a face you can see! (no!) She ain’t gon' be stuck inside no laundry room (no, no, no!) When she sweepin' she be pushin' her own broom (oh, oh-ho!) Day may never come when she can sleep til noon But long as she can get up singin' her own tune Only that day (lo, that day) Can’t come to soon! Cleanin' Women!
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