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Sirenia – Manic Aeon

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исполнитель Sirenia

длительность 06:27

размер 14.77 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено aulith

Manic Aeon
[Stranger:] come inside Read my epitaph, deranged am I? [Estranged one:] haunting me Be my lover, I prithee Prophecies of death outside take the moonshine for a ride Haunting faces and staring eyes bring my mania into life Little stranger come inside Lay to rest what you still writhe We made a life of it somehow Seems like we've lost it now See you dance away all this bitter pain See you move in ways beyond our days In devotion I linger And with drained veins I falter again See you pass away in another day Hear you call my name yon another veil In devotion I've lingered In this world I've belonged for far too long [Strangers:] haunt me down Stalking faces all around This strange voice at my door cede my reason like before Propechies of death inside Cede your words they cut like knives Somber wind that sweeps within This manic aeon is bound to be Little stranger stand me by If you prevail, then so can I Lay to rest the hurt you stand Only through death we'll mend
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