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Field Music – Count It Up

Field Music
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исполнитель Field Music

длительность 03:42

размер 8.47 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Count It Up
If you’ve ever owned a car Or you rent a car Or you have a company car Then count that up Add it to the ever-growing list of things you can’t claim all the credit for If your mother had a job And your dad had a job When you were growing up then count that up 'Cause pounds and pennies aren’t the only kind of capital If you’ve ever visited another country and waltzed through passport control Then count that up Put one more stamp in the book you’d like to call I Own My Own Genius (Count it up) If you get to choose the clothes you wear and how you cut your hair Then count that up (Count it up) And you can utilise your democratic power for the good of somebody else Then try to Count Count Count Count it up I’m quite an old-fashioned fellow I am not averse to owning up Can’t we give each other The tiniest benefit of the doubt? If you can go through day to day without the fear of violence Count that up (Count it up) If people don’t stare at you on the street because of the colour of your skin Count that up (Count it up) If your body makes some kind of sense to you Count that up (Count it up) And use the breath you have left to say something that matters Then try to Count it up If you can turn on the tap And your kids can drink the water Count that up (Count it up) If you’ve ever had the luxury of turning down a job Count that up (Count it up) If you had books and newspapers in your house when you were a kid Count that up (Count it up) Don’t forget Don’t forget Don’t forget to count it up (Count it up)
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