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Field Music – Cameraman

Field Music
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исполнитель Field Music

длительность 03:41

размер 8.44 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Passing by the men in line, in uniform Did you recognize your dad when he tried to smile? Mealtimes go by and nights are louder now What did you hear outside that could change your life? If someone could show you Who else was there to see what you what you might have dreamed? Carried through a dusty street then another Did you wonder what you’d be doing tomorrow? Crouching down to sleep, to hide while birds watch on high Did you realise? What did you find? If someone could show you Who else was there to see what you might have dreamed? The cameraman, the flashing lenses, he comes and then he leaves Was it you he memorised to take this life? In the cloudless, freezing night you see the satellite Spreading the news to boys like you but tucked up tight Morning comes you stumble on and the cameraman appears And wonders if you hear the click Rising up
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