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Varathron – Lord of Illusions

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исполнитель Varathron

жанр Метал

длительность 04:50

размер 11.15 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Lord of Illusions
One is the glittering domain Of the illusionist (the) other is a secret place Where apocryphal magic Is a terrifying reality! Now the time is coming i pay for all my sins This is an unspeakable dream i try to find myself Through the gates of a new salvation When i can only sense the end is here! How can we travel when our souls are lost How can we dream when our thoughts are empty! I try to find myself through the gates of A new salvation when i can only sense The end is… near!!! Your soul is fighting among two worlds Power and illusion reality and sorrow! Here men have power the power of demons And death itself is an evil- illusion! LORD OF ILLUSIONS!!! LORD OF ILLUSIONS!!! LORD OF ILLUSIONS! LORD OF ILLUSIONS!!!
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