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Christon Gray – Open Door (See You Later)

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исполнитель Christon Gray

правообладатель Fo Yo Soul Recordings/RCA Records

длительность 00:30

размер 9.76 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Sony Music Entertainment

Open Door (See You Later)
I’m walking out that open door I ain’t looking back no more See you later, see you later (Repeat 2x) Tell Urban Meyer and the mayor, the new Ohio player Got everybody going up in the C-Bus with a new Arch City banger O-H, that’s what they say when they ask where I’m from, then they say I-O Used to live up north from the Hudson but east side is home Marlo knows I’m the art work that Art worked to preserve sins I was born looking like Leigh Ann first Now I’m older and think I’m a perfect mix And mama don’t be nervous, I know you wondering when I’m goin' worship You know I still got the heart of a servant; I’m just making these rappers nervous I know, I’m perfect, no apostrophe, imperfect, Taelor taught me how to be a wordsmith I hope he hit a home-run on the first pitch, I know School of roses baby, this a new Christon Gray And never stop learning Cats thought I sound like 50 shades, I know This God given talent was always a challenge of mine Nobody can stop me, he gave me a ladder to climb I try to explain it but really its harder to define I’ll never conform to the way they think I should shine You know the funny thing is, I think they know me now Running through my city, I think they know me now Feel like they took forever, I think they know me My family rolling with me, need you to hold me down What you know about merging the black n' white church in Linden boy You know me as a artist I don’t know how to tell yah I’m the youngest elder on the Linden board I remember shopping the Berwick with my brother and grandma when I was still a boy Counting pills when my crew topped billboard and when my album came out I was still employed Sorry this ain’t no pity party love my wife for her mind and not just her pretty body uh My God not to mention my daughter got that swag like her mama looking just like her father I know And being the man of the house is a challenge of mine, word Nobody, can stop me they gave a ladder to climb, yea I tried to explain but really its harder to define Don’t be worried about me homie I just be fine You know the funny thing is I think they know me now Running through my city I think they know me now Feel like it took forever I think they know me My family rolling with me and I won’t let you down [Chorus] (Repeat 4x)
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