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Alcatrazz – Will You Be Home Tonight

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исполнитель Alcatrazz

правообладатель Universal Music Group Caroline Records,Национальный цифровой агрегатор Союз Мьюзик по лицензии The Store For Music Ltd,ООО "Союз Мьюзик"

длительность 05:03

размер 6.73 MB

битрейт 186 kbps

загружено i_tivi0929

Will You Be Home Tonight
He's just a kid and loves to ride Taking the freeway, driving blind Just like a loaded gun, he pushes down the hammer Hard to fire In the embrace of his gasoline lover Her sleek body wraps all around Turns on the radio, lights up his cigarette Takes the lights up, dims them down A silent Geisha, the perfect seducer Knows someone is waiting too long Oh will you be home tonight Oh please say tou'll be there He's just a kid who loves to drive To get out of sight out of his mind He pushed the hammer down And shot just like a bullet from a gun Drunk on the fix of the powerful kick As he shoots up from zero to speed Has one more drink of the cold liquid courage To keep on the level he needs Soothed by the sound of the wheels on the ground But he won't hear the tires when they scream... Oh will you be home tonight Oh will you be home tonight Oh will you be home tonight Oh will you be home tonight
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