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Hatchet – Attack Imminent

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исполнитель Hatchet

жанр Метал

длительность 05:03

размер 11.56 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено zuramaama

Attack Imminent
Defy! Attack! Take it fucking back! Sinister thought now is taking place Decide, degrade, murder, mutilate Simple human sense has come way too late Too hard to say to see another day Take them down in piercing again Surprise attack, dressed in all black We are the souls of the crimson land To see to be the need, to let it bleed Destroy it all and end all of your creed The hunt, the kill, we do it for the thrill No compassion for the lives now lost Our kin will sin, you can not win Victory is ours as it always is It’s too late to turn and fight Turn and run, try to hide Attack from the past Take it all down to the pits of Hell War, another fight This is the one that you won’t win Spill pure blood Impale their hearts and smash their bones Destroy all life Nothing remains to save mankind My storm draws near Blackening clouds fill the sky Deafening thunder My adrenaline starts to rise My sadist eyes Fueled above from the lightning sky I stand and rise This is my time to shine The hunt is done, dawn now comes Dead prey as far as the eyes can see The frail, the weak, all of their creed One by one fallen unto me The blood runs free, the streets keep bleeding Treading knee deep in the stench of their death Your world is mine for endless time Your lifeless bodies hang from the sky
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