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Alexia – Summer Is Crazy

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исполнитель Alexia

правообладатель RDS Records,ФГ "Никитин"

длительность 04:22

размер 10.02 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено Jones_d

Summer Is Crazy
Music is the key to fall in love Music is the answer of the world Music is the power to survive When I feel down Even if I'm wasting all my time Trying to get your face out of my mind The summer takes you back into my hear tInto my soul Remember the time when we were spending afternoons Making love we used to fly on the sun Recall the day we broke the rules we jumped the wall You know that I would never loose your love I'm feeling like a dandy around the world Open my heart and keep on trying to find your love I can't see this passion drift apart I thought that I would never miss your love The summer is crazy ah ah La la la laThe summer is crazy ah ah La la la la The summer is crazy tonight The summer is crazy tonight The summer is crazy tonight La la la la I keep on thinking how you did me wrong My love was true and I would never let it go I need to find the way to save my heart 'Cause I know that I will never have your love
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