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Stevie Wright – Black Eyed Bruiser

Stevie Wright
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исполнитель Stevie Wright

правообладатель Albert Productions

длительность 00:30

размер 13.39 MB

битрейт 320 kbps

загружено evgen1086

Black Eyed Bruiser
If you see me walkin' down the street Better get out my way I’m a real king hitter Always have my say If you’re lookin' for a heavy time Best you don’t come around Or else you’ll get your heavy Six feet of solid ground I don’t like trouble But if trouble’s the name of your game You know where you can find me boy Everybody knows my name I’m the black eyed, the black eyed, The black eyed bruiser I used to be a peaceful man Of flowers and love I believed in my soul And the good lord above But I was forced to change my tune By candles and grace By the power of the dollar And the kicks in my face There ain’t no peace in this world That’s a fact, take a good look around So I’m gonna stand here and fight Ain’t nobody putting me down They call me the black eyed The black eyed, the black eyed briuser All I want, is a little bit of understanding Don’t wanna be the man I am All I need, is a little bit of love and care now Don’t wanna be a hated man Don’t wanna be Ohh-ahh- the black eyed bruiser.
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